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You can give a child a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he'll eat the rest of his life. Parents, pastors, and teachers cannot always be there to help kids deal with the day-to-day issues kids encounter in life but God can. All believers should have the essentials of Prayer, Bible, Worship, and Church integrated into their personal habits so they can connect personally with God themselves.



8-Weeks on what every Christian needs to be self-sustaining

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Full series coming

June 2017!

Welcome to SourceBox Productions and the home of Illuminate Curriculum. 

Preview the videos and download some free samples below.

This is Survival Kit with Survival Man. Each week comes with an opening intro and topic video.

Need help with a closing a service and bringing the point home?

Not a problem, our curriculum includes a closing sermon to help. 


  1. The Importance Of Prayer

  2. How To Pray

  3. Scripture Is Truth

  4. Reading Your Bible

  5. Why We Worship

  6. How We Worship

  7. What Is The Church?

  8. The Mission Of The Church

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